Mayodia is a small passage to the India-China border where tourist can encounter the enchantment of snowfall. It is a unique hill resort located at an altitude of 8000 feet which got it’s name from a Nepali girl, Maya who disappeared in the snow and could not be found.

Among the few budget-friendly tourist destinations of North –East India, Mayodia is suitable for travelers, philosophers, intellects, and explorers. Roing is the nearest town to Mayodia situated at a distance of 60 kms and connected each other by very bumpy road. It falls under lower dibang valley and also known as Jewels of Arunachal Pradesh.

The ideal time to Visit Mayodia

Mayodia is popularly known as the land of snowfall. Here, snowfall starts in November and continues until April. but heavy snowfall occurs during the month of January and February.

Summer (March-June) : During summer temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degree Celsius. This is also a good time to visit Mayodia if tourists don’t prefer cold.

Monsoon (July-August) : Monsoon starts during the month of July. Visiting Mayodia during this  time may be difficult due to unpredictable road conditions.

Winter  (October -January): It is the peak tourist season and the best time to visit Mayodia.

How to reach?

By road: Mayodia can be easily reached by road from all major cities of Assam. Tourist can either hire a car or get Arunachal Pradesh State Transport(APSTC) bus services via national highway 15 and 115.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Tinsukia Junction. From the junction, Tourists have to take bus to Roing  at a cost of Rs 200 per person. From Roing it is about 4 hours journey to Mayodia and this journey must be completed during daytime due to unpredictable road conditions.

By Airway: The closest Airport is Dibrugarh Airport at a distance of 144 kilometers. Tourist can hire a car or take  Arunachal Pradesh State Transport(APSTC) bus service.

Major attractions of Mayodia

  • Place of snow lovers.
  • Place for adventure seekers.
  • Trekking trip.
  • Photography trip.
  • Favorite spot for bikers.
  • Forested area with some good views.
  • Taste of local orange

Travel Guide of Mayodia

  • The best time to visit Mayodia is December to February.
  • Carry sufficient amount of woolen cloth.
  • It is better to go Mayodia with own (personal/hired) vehicles.
  • Travel through a Travel agency ( tour guide) would be more enjoyable.
  • Tourist can proceed for Anini after exploring Mayodia.
  • When tourists are visiting through Wakro side; its better to halt at the Parashuram Kund en –route. It is a scenic holy Place.
  • At the time of visiting Mayodia tourists can enjoy the beauty of Roing

Places to Visit in Roing

Mehao Lake: The lake is situated amidst a dense green forest with beautiful flower and plants, the water body sans fish attract wild duck in great number. The lake attracts tourist from all over the world.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary: The forest is home to the various wild animal including tiger, leopard, jackal, Himalayan black bear, Indian porcupine, wild dog and many more. The wildlife sanctuary has a wide range of herbs, shrubs, flowers, and plants.

Bhismaknagar Fort: The fort is a scared heritage of Inu Mishmis. The fort has been named oldest archaeological site covers 1860.52 sq meters of land and has three halls, two extension room, and six entrance. The fort has two gates, the eastern gate, and the western gate. The wall that protects the fort is made of bricks, mud, and stone and the fort’s northern boundary has natural protection in the forms of hills.

Hunli: The place is famous for trekking and it is also frequented for the cave temple at Kapunli. Tourists can enjoy the drive from Ring to Hunli.

Sally Lake: Sally Lake is situated three kilometers from Roing. This natural lake overlooks the spectacular valley below and it is encompassed by dense green forest.

Rukmini Nati: Rukmini Nati lies 12 km away from Roing. It’s location in the village Chimiri gives its name Chimiri Fort. It is considered to be 14th-century construction.

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